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Emily Amber is an alternative artist stretching her roots. Raised in Nashville, it took no time for her to find where she belonged. At twelve years old Emily took an interest in writing songs and creating music. While being mentored by a local creative arts group, she discovered her love for the stage. The electrifying feeling that came with connecting with a listener became a driving force that catapulted her into her first record deal.  At just sixteen, she created her first project with an independent label. She has spent the last ten years honing her craft through countless hours of writing, playing, recording and creating with the many talented souls that congregate to form music city. 


After receiving over ten million views on YouTube and over one million streams on Spotify with collaborators ‘Nerd Out’ on ‘Voices in My Head’, Emily went on to release more music. Her debut single ‘Where Do We Go Now’ with Ben Schuller quickly received over two-hundred thousand streams and rave reviews. She has gone on to release songs like ‘Lonely Alone’ and ‘Ashes’ showing off her haunting melodies and thought provoking lyrics. 


Having already had the opportunity to play at festivals such as SXSW, Lyrics On The Lake and local stages like Third & Lindsley and The Listening Room; Emily is taking her music across the nation playing clubs and listening rooms collecting an ever-growing audience along the way.

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